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In the hours from 22:00 to 04:00 – recommended via the delivery button above, or by telephone +359 889 000 112 – our partners from the courier company. The minimum order amount to receive delivery is 25lv.
At your discretion, you can use another delivery channel through a personal organization and with the terms of your contracts. You have to tell them from which address and what of our assortment you want to be delivered to you

Check what range (items, prices, weights, ingredients, allergens, etc.) we offer and what is available at the moment, so that you or the delivery man do not waste time. Note when stocks were last updated and keep in mind a few minutes to refresh the values. Please note that due to the time difference between when you checked and for which you (or the supplier) arrived at the machine, the item you selected may be out of stock (unavailable), especially if there is only one item left. Machines only accept electronic payments with cards or smart devices!

You can order from ASM 24/7 from 22:00 to 05:00. Delivery time is 30 to 90 minutes depending on distance and workload, but it is possible and much faster, so please provide your order accepting if you are not at the address. At the hours between 11:00 to 10pm, deliveries are made through our Call Center and the items are executed when ordering from the establishments and the availability of ASM 24/7 are not used. The cost of delivery depends on the distance and the workload and will be known in advance, as well as you will be informed whether delivery can be completed to your address. Standard in the scope of the city of Sofia to the Ring Road is expected to be delivered.


Every day Sushimat 24/7 will offer the promotion “Pay 1, get 2” in the hours from 11:00 to 21:30, for the remaining quantities of sushi. We offer you sushi at a much better price, well before the expiration of its 24-hour shelf life. This is a common practice in the world of ultra-fresh products, such as sushi. You can pick up on the spot from an object where there are stocks!

Опитвате се да поръчате в извън работно време. Вижте работните времена ТУК.



Между 22:00 и 04:00 можем да ви предложим продуктите от нашата нощна доставка.