Production - if you own a restaurant , store or other business that offers modern and healthy food,  Sushi Express can offer you the option to enhance your product line with sushi, without the need to hire employees, to increase investment and apply for licence to produce sushi . We have a certificate for sushi production, which entitles us to offer finished products to end customers as well as to wholesalers and retailers.Merchants are subject to sanctions or if they offer sushi produced by not licenced suppliers.  This is a vicious practice that you can avoid if you take advantage of our services.

Catering - on your request we can deliver our products in your home or office, for parties and events of all kinds! Our team will take care of this at the appointed hour, the products you ordered are delivered and arranged so that your event remains noticed by the audience for which it was intended!

Become a corporate client and achieve your special conditions and discounts, use the phone or email for administrative contact listed in Section Contacts